We serve the customer with passion!

Italcibo is a company specialized in the distribution of food products.

Thanks to our experience in the food industries we can guarantee quality in service, quick delivery, availability for all your needs

We aim to innovation and continuous improvement of our service, maintaining a constant search for products more and more balanced at the nutritional level, that guarantee a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing the pleasure of taste.

We have a wide range of food products


Specialist in the distribution of Gluten-free products in pharmaceutical circuit

Large distributions

We provide food products for large retailers


We take care of food supplies for restaurants, bars, hotels and catering

Our Mission

Provide quality food products at competitive price.

We firmly believe that our success is based on the ability to obtain trust and long-term loyalty from our customers. Loyal customers are already most of our business. In the wholesale and food, we focus constantly on the needs of each customer group.

Our brands represent the highest quality and food competence, showing it with their appropriate offers and extraordinary experience gained in the food field. Both in store that through our delivery services we reliance on the strength of our decentralized organization to recognize local opportunities quickly and flexibly to take full advantage of it. This orientation reinforce systematically our business model, allowing us to fully realize its potential.

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